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  1. 3000 Podcast Episode With Jeremiah Corea

    A couple of weeks ago, our very own Jeremiah Corea sat down with Maloney on the 3000 Podcast to talk about everything from his early childhood, to ...
  2. Brick & Mortar Video #1 Raw Footage

    The 'Side B' footage from our debut video from April 2022 has just been uploaded online. Originally released on Thrasher, the clip is raw, unedited...
  3. SORRY I'M BAD - Brick Video #4

    To the security guard trying to protect some property, staunch the crew and crush the vibe. To the passer-by letting us know you're not impressed. ...

Brick + Mortar is a boutique retail store with a focus on servicing the local community.

Destroy + Rebuild

Kids of the big smoke who only smoke big – get papes, get styled up and get steppin’ under city lights – this is ‘Late Night Cool’. For the first time EVER, the cold conductor, MOG.Y (MLB) is proud to present his own night of sounds, pounds and big-booty-shakedowns.

MOG.Ydebut hometown headline, co-presented by Brick, invites world-class producer and known accomplice, BENNY ZENN (SYD) to the stage, as they are accompanied by a LIVE BAND.