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Peace Ritual x Brick Peace Ritual Tape Turquoise

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"Tears Of Joy" and "Trust Fall" established Peace Ritual's genesis, balancing swirling drones, jangly guitar layers and soulful pop sensibilities. Between the two singles, Peace Ritual have been played across a multitude of triple j programs, they have been added to rotation on FBi Radio as well as on MTV Upload and added to a weekend playlist on RAGE.

Peace Ritual is the dream pop brainchild of Joel Martorana (Endless Heights) and Thomas Elliott (Caged Existence) with co-writing and production credits from Sam Bassal (Ocean Grove). Born out of bedroom jams between tours, Peace Ritual was originally conceived as a hardcore band, but the duo unintentionally gravitated to writing rock or pop choruses and ultimately decided to pivot and commit to collaborating on a sound that felt most natural. Blending acoustic guitar, drum machines and synths, Peace Ritual abandon boundaries to find their balance.

Releasing through Last Ride Records and Brick + Mortar, Peace Ritual take a unique place within the hardcore affiliated subculture, donning hypnotic and cult-like characteristics while searching for meaning and a sense of purpose along the way.

Pressing information:

Turquoise tapes (/100)

Track listing:

1. Tears of Joy
2. Trust Fall
3. Heart Lasso
4. Cold Shoulder

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