Chess Club 148 Look Book

by Wilhelm Philipp

Brick + Mortar Chess Club in collaboration with Afends. ⁠

In 2019 we released the 201 Chess Pant, a pant which we felt filled a hole missing in the current marketplace and closet of our customers. The success of the original Chess Pant saw it sell out in-store faster than Deep Blue’s first move in its game of chess against Gary Kasparov. Our change of store location also brought about a change in the pant, destroying and rebuilding what it once was and adding additional features along with an expanded collection that we now proudly bring to you.⁠

The 148 Chess Pant now offers an internal drawstring, some added length in the leg, an extra pocket at the back and a few extra belt loops. They are still made from hemp + organic cotton and will still be your best choice of pants for the spring-summer season. We still boast it as the comfiest pair of pants you can own.⁠
The Chess Pants are accompanied by a full zip work shirt cut from the same cloth as the pants, paired with some checkered socks that feature both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. We also utilised Sam Octigan’s original Chess Club artwork on an oversized hemp tee that is lightweight and durable. Our love for hemp products has grown significantly.⁠
To top off our collection we created the most shallow-fitting hat on the market, made from recycled plastic bottles and featuring a chessboard-inspired checkered adjustable strap.⁠
Each order from the Chess Club 148 collection will also receive a free poster designed by Wilhelm Philipp.



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