SORRY I'M BAD - Brick Video #4

by Brendan Parks

To the security guard trying to protect some property, staunch the crew and crush the vibe. To the passer-by letting us know you're not impressed.

"Sorry, I'm Bad" Featuring- George Bidgood, Noah Bardas, Kalem Beange, Callum Roberts, Pat Roberts, Jack Davis, Harry Fox, Alex Issel, Jeremiah Corea.

Filmed/Edited by Jeremiah Corea.
Additional Filming - Albert D'Urbano, Lachlan Ruscoe, Charlie Johnson-King, Jack Davis, George Bidgood, Noah Bardas.

Music: Night - Bill Callaghan I'm Not Angry Anymore - Paramore Analyse - The Cranberries Save Face - Sex Tourists 1/4 to twelve - Simpleton Where Is My Mind - Trampled by Turtles